Murfreesboro Massage Therapy

For many, massage therapy is a popular alternative medicine for alleviating pain, stress, and other ailments. Unfortunately, corporate chains are not concerned with helping customers improve their health.


After working for a corporate massage chain, Mark McMahon wanted to create a better

experience for clients and massage therapists alike. With this goal in mind, he founded

Murfreesboro Massage Therapy.


murfreesboro massage therapy storefront

We strive to ensure that every client enjoys an individualized massage experience

focused on relieving pains and medical ailments. Our no contract  approach to massage therapy allows clients to visit as they please, or as certain pains and aches occur.

Murfreesboro Massage Therapy focuses on your medical and personal health needs; from

back pain to headaches, we are here to help.


We are constantly evolving our business and practices to suit the individual health needs

of our clients and the quality of life for our massage therapists. In addition, Murfreesboro

Massage Therapy is dedicated to working with our veterans to ensure they receive the

care and employment they rightfully deserve.


For the highest quality massage therapy available in Rutherford County, visit

Murfreesboro Massage Therapy today.