Ashiatsu Barefoot

Therapists specialized in Ashiatsu barefoot massage:

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage is a kind of bodywork that utilizes foot pressure on the body of the patient to attain a complete sense of total relaxation.
is a kind of bodywork that utilizes foot pressure on the body of the patient to attain a complete sense of total relaxation. Although most people think this therapy uses only the foot as a primary tool in treating the client, the truth is that it includes other techniques of knees, elbows and hands on certain areas of the body.

History of Ashiatsu

Ashiatsu is traced back to Japan in the lineage and tradition of Macrobiotic which was built by Shizuko Yamamoto. Also known as Shizuko Yamamoto’s barefoot; it uses specific techniques to balance the energy system of the client to attain good health and healing. This type of therapy also uses the traditional Chinese medicine in its treatment. Ashiatsu was developed as a form of relaxing massage therapy by Ruthie Hardee. Shiatsu and Thai massage widely use barefoot modalities by walking on the person’s back, shoulder, leg, and feet, which is regarded as common practiced. Pressure is administered with the feet on the persons back, legs and feet. Thai is similar to acupressure and shiatsu but is combined with stretch movements and yoga positions.

When maintained regularly, the patient can expect:

  • • Improved Immune System - Ashiatsu is effective in boosting the immunity of the body in order to fight off and prevent disease.
  • • Improve Circulation - the combined techniques of acupressure, shiatsu, and Swedish massage helps a lot in giving the body a good flow of blood and oxygen which maintain good body condition. This is great for preventing medical conditions such as high blood pressure and respiratory problems.
  • • Relaxed Muscles - adhesions within the patient's body are removed during sessions of Ashiatsu. Muscles are relaxed due to the release of tensions on stiff muscle areas that are formed due to stress and overuse.
  • • Total Body Relaxation - this is definitely one of the primary goals of Ashiatsu therapy. The combination of various therapies results to this wonderful effect on the body.
  • • Improves Mood - the soft massage technique stimulates the nervous system of the patient's body during the therapy which in return contributes to the improvement of the mood of the client.

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