Stress is a killer, and this is a fact, but very little is done to curtail the causes of stress confronting people on a daily basis.

The therapeutic nature of Swedish massage is extremely beneficial for the majority of individuals seeking an alternative to physical and emotional stress relief.

Nearly 1 in ever 4 people seek out massage as a way to reduce or eliminate chronic or long-term pain. This also includes the number of individuals who use massage as a way to prevent pain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Swedish massage is a type of therapy that works to reduce the overall stress in the body rather than specific pain in a focused or condensed area. Individuals who prefer lighter touch, or have never experienced massage before, should consider the Swedish technique due to it’s simplistic nature of light and gentle pressure.

  • Keeping the mind relaxed, free of worry
  • Soothing, soft flow
  • Slow and steady pressure
  • Comfort at all times
  • Easy listening and relaxing music
  • Cozy lighting
  • A gentle massage with a tranquil attitude

Definition of Swedish massage

The discipline of Swedish massage involves distinct massage movements that provide assisted healing and repair to weak, bruised, and even sore muscles. This also improves oxygen absorption into the blood system with the help of increased circulation which profoundly accelerates the body’s own ability to detoxify itself, and speed up the recovery rate for damaged muscle tissue.

  • Tapotement - This is the art of light rhythmically tapping of the hands to the client's muscles, moving up and down a focus area.
  • Friction - The massage therapist applies firm pressure in a tight and slow circular motions in order to loosen up knots in the muscle bellies.
  • Petrissage - This usually involves firm and striated movements , kneading and rolling of the skin to apply pressure to the underlying muscles.
  • Vibration – Very fast vibrating action is applied, that persuade the muscles into relaxation.
  • Effleurage – This movement is commonly used to smooth out the client’s muscles. This movement is not deep and usually light, its primary focus is to warm up the muscles and prepare them for firmer, deeper movements. Effleurage allows for better blood circulation throughout the body.

Swedish massage has various attributes and positively manipulates and increases blood flow and proper heart rate, while ensuring the decline of stress in individuals. Swedish massage relieves pressure on joints and reduces aching in muscles as a result of a better provision of blood circulation in the body. Swedish massage on a daily basis will ensure pain relief for those seeking alternative to modern medicine.

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